Quality & Manufacturing


The primary difference between Rowell Labs and other companies in the marketplace are the people. Without the capabilities and enthusiasm of the people employed by Rowell Labs, all the state of the art facilities, equipment, and quality control procedures would be insignificant.

With few exceptions, Rowell employees tend to remain Rowell employees. And that adds up to a lot of people who care. People are concerned about their company’s future because it is so closely linked with theirs! People who take pride in the company’s products just as they take pride in their community. It may be the atmosphere of Rowell Labs itself that produces conscientious employees who can be depended on to consistently give their best. Overall, Rowell Labs is poised on the threshold of a bright future, with a rare combination of people, facilities, and products. Rowell employees, skilled and dedicated, tend to remain Rowell employees.


Rowell Laboratories is an FDA registered manufacturing facility and all Rowell products have NDC numbers. Rowell Labs today manufactures all of its products, as well as manufactures products for other companies as a contract manufacturer. With more than 70 years experience in manufacturing healthcare products, Rowell Labs follows all FDA cGMP guidelines in its manufacturing processes to ensure the highest levels of quality to guarantee product quality consistency.

Rowell uses only the highest quality ingredients, both active and inactive ingredients. Rowell Labs only buys ingredients from select growers and suppliers that are committed to the highest quality ingredients to ensure purity and consistent quality.


Rowell’s manufacturing procedures are state of the art and attention to quality is evident in our manufacturing SOPs, from incoming raw materials, inventory control, manufacturing to packaging, and all processes in-between. In addition to Rowell’s own testing and stability on its products and packaging, Rowell uses outside labs to independently verify consistent quality and effectiveness of its natural preservative system used in all Rowell products.

All products manufactured by Rowell Labs are sampled and tested during the manufacturing process. These tests by our QC unit help to ensure that all products manufactured meet strict quality control guidelines to guarantee a consistent product from each batch.


With every new Rowell product, specifications are developed for quality control analytical procedures and Quality Assurance production testing procedures. Rowell maintains that developing a new product is only part of the quality process; the process continues with control of that quality throughout the manufacturing procedure, and throughout final approval and distribution of the finished product to health food stores, pharmacies, and health care professionals.

On arrival, raw materials are immediately quarantined until a detailed laboratory analysis ensures that they meet rigid specifications. In-process and finished products are subjected to Quality Assurance oversight and critical testing and must meet precise specifications.

The knowledge that each and every batch of a specific Rowell product has consistent characteristics assures the health food store, pharmacy, health care professional, pharmacist, patient, or consumer that the same benefit will be received from each equivalent dose or application of our product.


In addition to our in-house testing of both in-process and finished goods, all Rowell products are tested by an FDA registered independent lab to verify the constant quality of Rowell products. The independent analysis also includes microbial studies to confirm that Rowell products do not contain any harmful pathogens.