About Us

Rowell Laboratories, Inc. is a manufacturer of natural, organic, and non-GMO health care products located in Orlando, FL. The Rowell family has been in the healthcare products manufacturing business since 1935, starting with a fresh water fish oil product and later moving on to multi-vitamin/mineral products and products for treating numerous conditions, and finally specializing in diseases of the digestive tract.

Rowell Labs has always taken pride in offering the finest quality product resulting from practicing the highest quality manufacturing standards.


Rowell products are made with families in mind. We make all of our products in the best interest of our customers - for their safety and wellness. We use all of our products ourselves and on our families, so we invite you to use them too, - from our family to yours.

Many standards and values in business have been handed down over through Rowell Laboratories, Inc. Values such as delivering a quality product, honesty, and having a concern for our employees'well-being, and that of our fellow man, and finally, filling the healthcare consumer’s and medical practitioner’s needs in the marketplace. 

These values have been present in every Rowell business and product manufactured for more than 150 years. These values are still important to us today, and this is why the Rowell name on a product means that any Rowell product is of the highest quality made from the highest manufacturing standards in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.