Rowell Labs uses only the finest natural ingredients, carefully reviewing all suppliers and subjecting their plant substance, oil, butter, or other natural ingredient to rigorous testing and investigation. We manufacture all our own active ingredients according to the guidelines in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and the FDA. We use methods developed in-house to extract the most beneficial natural alkaloids or other natural drugs from the raw plant or organic materials in the manufacture of our active ingredients. We use only gentle methods in our lab which allow the ingredients to keep their natural healing properties. We do not use synthetic chemicals or high heat, rather only natural methods in making our active ingredients and products. These methods are confidential and remain our trade secrets. We use only the finest ingredients selected only after a rigorous evaluation process, as we treat our suppliers and growers as important as our customers.

About Our Ingredients...

Our organic aloe is selected from a highly respected grower and is used in concentrations in our products up to 10% or more. Our aloe is never heated to a temperature to kill any of the natural attributes present that gives aloe its wonderful natural healing qualities. The lactose used in the manufacture of our active ingredients we buy directly from a select Wisconsin dairy and are lab certified USP/NF as required by the HPUS. The glycerin used in the manufacture of our products is manufactured from non-GMO Indonesian palm oil, is certified USP, and never sourced from soy or other GMO low cost sources. The organic sunflower oil used in the manufacture of our products we buy directly from the US grower, is a select natural hybrid, and is specifically chosen because of properties that give the oil natural healing qualities and high vitamin content, and the longest shelf life against oxidation by free radicals and rancidity. Our organic raw plant ingredients are carefully selected from US growers and only the portion of the plant that produces the alkaloid or active is used.

About Our Natural Preservative System...

All Rowell products are 100% naturally preserved. This has been accomplished through the use of select essential oils and other natural ingredients developed at Rowell Labs over the years through scientific investigation and practical study in our lab. Rowell products all have a 2 year shelf live which has been determined through accelerated stability testing and actual real time shelf life testing. Our natural preservative system is tested and validated by an FDA inspected 3rd party laboratory. These methods are confidential and remain our trade secrets.

We make only the finest natural products, naturally preserved, containing NONE of the following: petroleum, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, parabens, fragrances, dyes, wheat, gluten, or soy.

On arrival, raw materials are immediately quarantined until a detailed laboratory analysis ensures that they meet rigid specifications. In-process and finished products are subjected to Quality Assurance oversight and critical testing and must meet precise specifications. The knowledge that each and every batch of a specific Rowell product has consistent characteristics assures the store or pharmacy, customer, physician, pharmacist, or patient that the same benefit will be received from each equivalent dose or application. Rowell Labs makes only 100% natural products, using no synthetic ingredients. No expense is spared in using only the finest organic, non-GMO, and natural ingredients.