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Product Description: 100% natural effective fast itch relief and dry skin treatment. Petroleum free skin care cream made from natural ingredients. For localized relief for symptoms associated with the condition psoriasis. Fast acting cream formula comes in 3.5 oz tube. Manufactured in the USA.

Active Ingredients                                        Purpose

  • Oregon grape, Mahonia aquafolium, HPUS, tinc. ....Antipsoriatic Zinc Sulfate
  • Zincum sulphuricum, HPUS 1x..............Antipsoriatic

Inactive ingredients: Purified water, organic aloe vera, organic shea butter, vegetable emulsifying wax NF, organic sunflower oil, natural berberine (non-GMO), vegetable glycerin USP (non-GMO), oil of vitriol (to adjust pH), 100% natural vitamin E, potassium sorbate (natural preservative, vegetable based) essential oil blend (used as a preservative, less than 0.02%).

Uses: According to the homeopathic principles, the active ingredient in this medication combined with its low-pH formula provides relief fromsymptoms associated with psoriasis. Directions: Wash and dry affected area. Apply 1-3x daily or as needed. Warnings: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or other sensitive areas. For large areas of irritation, consult a physician.